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After Care

Below is the full aftercare list. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to any of the artists.



- Within the first 2-3 hours after your initial appointment. You will need to wash your tattoo for the first time with warm water + soap ( approved soaps listed below)

-Make sure to avoid bath-towels, hand towels, or anything with

other contaminants from laundry etc.

-Do Not Expose Your Tattoo To The Sun or Soaking

In Water For The First 2 Weeks.

- If your tattoo Is not getting less irritated and red, contact

me immediately for further instructions or in extreme

circumstances, seek medical care.

1.  Wash your hands before doing anything with the tattoo.

2. Make sure to only wash tattoo using mild antibacterial soap 

(Dial Gold or Targets Up&uUp brand recommended).

3. Start by running warm water over the tattoo, gradually increasing

the temperature to the warmest that you can handle.

4. Lather up a healthy amount of soap in your hands,

then massage into the tattoo FOR ATLEAST 1 Minute.

5. Rinse with cool water.

6. Pat dry with new & clean paper towel or let air dry.

7. Repeat this 3X a day for the first three days.

Until your tattoo starts to dry and flake + peel

like a sunburn (should not be scabbing).

8. After the first three days, continue

 this process but moisturizing with redemption after

washing until the tattoo is done peeling.

9. During the day, the tattoo does not need to be suffocated

under a bandage. The open air is fine, just make sure that

absolutely nothing touches your tattoo. If something

does touch your tattoo, wash it immediately and reapply ointment.

(If you feel that you need to have it covered for work, etc., loose cotton clothes are best).

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