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John Henderson

John  is the owner of

Dark Oak Tattoo Studio.

John Henderson is a talented tattoo

artist who creates bold black work, intricate dotwork designs, and

vibrant neo-traditional pieces.


With exceptional attention to detail

and a passion for his craft, John

collaborates closely with clients to

bring their ideas to


Renowned for his creativity and

technical skill, he provide a

comfortable and safe experience, ensuring client satisfaction every time.

Mike Bradshaw

Mike is currently

John Henderson's Apprentice at

Dark Oak Tattoo Studio.

Mike is a dedicated and enthusiastic tattoo apprentice, eager to learn and grow in the industry. With a strong passion for art and an impeccable attention to detail, he is committed to honing his skills under the mentorship of experienced artists.


With an open mind and a hunger for new challenges, Mike is excited to contribute to the world of tattooing and create beautiful, meaningful art for clients.

Mike Specializes in scribble, blackwork,

and modern contemporary designs.


Nicole  is currently a

resident artist at

Dark Oak Tattoo Studio.

Nicole has always found inspiration through natural botanical elements, and precision in dotwork.

Patience and discipline is important to her creative process, and she is continuously exploring ways to translate illustrative designs into tattooing compositions.

Nicole specialized in blackwork, dotwork,and illustrative styles.

Loren Todd



Loren is currently a

Resident Artist

at Dark Oak Tattoo Studio


Lorenis a passionate and adept artist whose creations are rooted in the captivating realm of creativity.

Drawing inspiration from his

globetrotting adventures and infusing

it with a unique neo-traditional flair,

Loren masterfully combines cultural

motifs and the

dynamic energy of natural elements.


Loren conjures a visual narrative that celebrates the beauty of both real and imagined worlds, leaving an indelible impression on all clients.

Loren specializes in blackwork,

illustrative, and neo-traditional styles.

Jaylen Jerry

“Easily one of the most friendly, clean and professional tattoo shops in Albuquerque. I worked with Loren Todd and not only did he perfect the stencil placement before we started, but he walked me through all of the products that they use in the shop. As far as the tattoo itself it came out better than I could’ve imagined. His use of negative space helps it pop on my skin tone better than a lot of my other tattoos. I would absolutely recommend at least stopping by. The artists are friendly and welcoming and there’s always some cool art to look through."

Morgan M

"I'm not sure I can say enough amazing things about this fabulous studio and it's artists! Nicole Sonobe has started a gorgeous sleeve project for me and I couldn't be more ecstatic about the design she created! The studio is one of the most comfortable places I've ever been in. Well lit, extremely clean, beautifully decorated, and very calming. The music was just right to give some energy to the room without being overwhelming. You can tell all three artists genuinely enjoy working together while they do what they love. I cannot wait to go back for my next appointment!"

Isaiah Trujillo

“Incredible shop! John is a master at his craft. Process was incredibly smooth and makes you feel comfortable the entire way. From bouncing ideas, to the prep beforehand, throughout the session and aftercare, he is very informative, which so ideal when getting tattooed.
His portfolio is amazing and can bring anything to life. Original style and the passion put in will make you feel like you couldn't have gotten a better piece of work.
Everybody in the shop makes you feel right at home.”

All Team Members operate by appointment only.

With the exception of Mike Bradshaw, who takes walk ins

To book an appointment please fill out the form below.

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